New project announced to improve natural habitat at Scarning Fen

Working with local partners and volunteers Breckland Council is starting a programme of works at Scarning Fen which will help maintain the natural habitat and encourage even more biodiversity. 

Breckland Council, which has recently re-assumed responsibility for the stewardship for these scenic fens, will be working with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Mid-Norfolk Conservation Trust and local volunteers to cut the meadows, allowing more space for local fauna and wildlife to flourish. 

Under the coordination of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, specialized hand-powered machinery will meticulously cut overgrowing foliage growing in the water meadows at Scarning. Volunteers from the Mid-Norfolk Conservation will diligently rake up the cuttings to maintain the natural habitat. To efficiently manage the cuttings and avoid any environmental impact, SP Landscapes will be tasked with clearing away the vegetative waste. The collected materials, including wood chips, hedge and grass cuttings, will be transported to a biomass power plant in Thetford.


Councillor Paul Hewett, Executive Member for Projects at Breckland Council expressed his enthusiasm for this move, stating, “Scarning Fen is one of only a handful of Water Meadows in the country, and it is fantastic that we have such a unique and beautiful space in the heart of our District.  We are dedicated to ensuring the preservation and proper management of Scarning Fen for the benefit of our community and the environment for generations to come.”