Improved access to Mulbarton Common

South Norfolk Council has recently improved access to Mulbarton Common. Working with the Parish Council, they resurfaced the road to the Common’s car park and Village Hall. The councils jointly funded the improvements, costing a total of £11,350, with Mulbarton Wanderers CIC contributing £1,500 to the Parish Council’s contribution. 

South Norfolk Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Keith Kiddie, said: “The Common has been central to village life for centuries and continues to play a vital role in supporting residents’ health and wellbeing. It’s important that people can access it easily and safely and we will continue to work with the Parish Council and local community groups to maintain this fantastic amenity for all to enjoy.”

The common, which spans 45 acres, includes 3 football pitches, play equipment, wooded areas and is also home to 9 ponds.

This Spring, South Norfolk Council will excavate Birchfield Lane Pond, which is close to the school, they will also renew the fencing and add a viewing platform. 

Cllr Kiddie added: “The ponds are teaming with life and are vital for the survival of all sorts of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals. Each year, we renew a different pond to make sure the site continues to be a wildlife haven.”

The Common is a county wildlife site, with species rich meadows, wetter grasslands and a varied range of ponds.

Mulbarton Allotment and Leisure Gardeners’ Association (MALGA) will also be working alongside the councils to enhance the site through various planting schemes and maintenance.