Time to Stare: Wildlife in a Corner of Britain


Norfolk based Publisher’s Grice Chapman were approached by award winning photographer Ray Armstrong who lives in Monmouthshire to publish a book based upon 25 years of observations and stunning photography based around his village of Trelleck in the Wye Valley.

Ray describes the rich diversity of wildlife that can be seen by the dedicated country lover. Together with his descriptions and anecdotes, he presents an outstanding collection of over 100 wildlife photographs, some of which are the result of many hours of patient waiting and watching in all weathers. Viewed through the eyes of someone whose romance with the countryside and associated wildlife was initiated and nurtured at an early age, Time to Stare presents a sharp well defined focus that will appeal to nature lovers everywhere.
Since it was published the book has received many great reviews
” Mr Armstrong’s work is a delight in so many ways. The reader can become lost in the magnificent photographs that make this book so visually compelling”
” The books is superbly and lavishly illustrated. It will appeal to a very wide range of people generally interested in the countryside and its wildlife” – Birdwatch
” Time to Stare is a celebration of the natural world by a brilliant photographer”- Western Mail
“You will understand the workings of wildlife to get you out there with a camera. With more than 100 pictures it should give you inspiration and information’ – Amateur Photographer
” This is one of the nicest wildlife books we have seen recently. The writing is also very enjoyable and you will learn much of interest whatever your level of knowledge” – Birds of Britain
” His photography is superb and it’s a real treat to see so many amazing images in one book, covering birds, vertebrates and insects. If you know anyone who is passionate about nature, this book will make an ideal gift – and you’ll be so popular!’ Welsh Country
” His knowledge of his subject is apparent from beginning to end of this book and as we turn the last page we feel we have travelled through it with him. The book is a wonderful catalogue of the outstanding biodiversity of one small, beautiful area of our amazing country. Ray Armstrong manages to capture its essence in word and photograph” – Haiths