Miracle in Kigali The Rwandan Genocide – a survivor’s journey – authors Illuminée Nganemariya and Paul Dickson


The 2019 edition of Miracle in Kigali, marking the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, will be published on Monday 8 April.

The new edition updates Illuminée and Roger’s story, including Roger’s developing film and TV acting career. He was most recently seen as Dadir Hassan in the BBC drama Informer.

Miracle in Kigali was first published by The Tagman Press in October 2007.

How does it feel to wake up every morning for more than three months facing the prospect that you and your newborn baby are likely to be brutally murdered that day?

This was the experience of Illuminée Nganemariya, a young Tutsi bride. By a seeming miracle, she and her son Roger survived the 1994 attempt by Rwanda’s Hutu extremists to wipe their Tutsi neighbours from the face of the earth.

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Illuminée existed for 100 days in the living hell of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, after watching her husband be dragged away to be killed by friends who had celebrated their wedding with them a month earlier.

She embarked on a horrific journey through the Genocide, with her baby strapped to her back – their survival was a miracle.

Illuminée and Roger moved to the UK in September 1996 and have built a new life in Norwich.

The authors are donating £2 from the sale of every book to Glaven Valley Churches’ work with the Life in Abundance charityin Rwanda.

‘Illuminée still cannot explain how she and her son Roger survived. Reading her book, it becomes clear that there were many, many, miracles.’ Rowan Mantell, Norwich Evening News.

‘Miracle in Kigali is an extraordinary document – a unique, tragic, insiders guide to Genocide. This is a book about what a mother will endure to keep her child alive. I read it and wanted to give Illuminée a big hug. She’s my hero.’ Nick Andrews, BBC