13 years of fundraising by Tia’s Treasures

The Tia’s Treasures Team would like to say a huge Thank you to everyone that visited Tia and Lisa over the past 2 days whilst celebrating 13 years of Tia’s Treasures and fundraising in the Main Foyer at James Paget University Hospital raising funds for the James Paget Hospital Charity Surgical Robot Appeal.

Over the 2 days we met some amazing people, Staff, Patients and Visitors of all ages.

We were thanked a number of times for our continued kindness and compassion, we received lots of hugs and lovely comments in the Tia’s Treasures Comments Book and have already asked when we will be back!


£300.49p was raised in the 2 Charity collection pots from sales of our handmade treasures and a further Charity collection pot from the Front Reception Desk is yet to be counted.

Donations were also made directly to James Paget Hospital Charity via their QR Code.

The youngest 2 members of the Tia’s Treasures Team Tommy (8) and Toby (6) joined for a couple of hours each day after school where they proudly gave out Tia’s Treasures Cupcakes and Random Acts of Kindness to Staff.

13 Party bags were given out each day containing colouring sheets, crayons, a Flag to decorate, stickers, a Tia’s Treasures pencil and a We hope this made you smile rainbow card.

Colouring sheets, Crayons and flags to decorate were left in The Cove, Children’s Clinic and Paediatric A&E on both days and they looked like they were thoroughly enjoyed.

Tia’s Treasures fundraising facts

Since Tia’s Treasures began in 2011 a rough count up shows we have raised £14, 858 for charities, deserving causes and individuals.

Between January 2021 and May 2024 Tia’s Treasures Team of Kindness Ninja’s have created, given out and donated 24,500 Random Acts of Kindness and 9000 Worry Worms.

There has been 6 designs of packaging slips used, the first featured the Tia’s Treasures logo and a rainbow, the next 3 featured a purple Kindness Ninja, the next featured Tia’s Treasures Kindness Ninja Monkey and the latest featured a more subtle rainbow background and the Tia’s Treasures logo.

Prior to this when we began with the Random Acts of Kindness in 2017 we used coloured envelopes and stickers.

WOW… not sure about a sit down but we need a lay down after reading all that.

Here’s to another 13 years of Fundraising and Random Acts of Kindness.

To find out more about what we do please visit www.tiastreasures.net