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Monday, 08 November 2021 00:00

Twilight Time in Buckenham Marshes

The area around Buckenham Marshes offers a unique opportunity to see the special changes which take place within the natural landscape during that liminal time-zone between dusk and nightfall. 

Make your hideaway in the grassy verges, on the seats by the river edge or inside the cosy bird hide and settle down for the evening’s entertainment. A hot flask and blanket might help. As the sun slowly sinks behind the trees look out for a flurry of activity as the wintering waterfowl busily finish the business of the day and prepare for the long night ahead.

Meanwhile, look out over the marshes and you’ll see rabbits emerge from their warrens full of energy, ready to begin their day. In the distance look closely and you could see deer stepping out from the edge of the woods.

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