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Latest News from Tia's Treasures

Written by  Lisa Hutchinson
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Latest News from Tia's Treasures

As 2019 is coming to an end we thought we would update you on what the Tia's Treasures Team has been up to.

Since 2018 when Toby the youngest member of the Team was diagnosed with Epilepsy after 5 Tonic Clonic Seizures resulting in 999 calls and trips to hospital we have focused on raising awareness for Epilepsy as well as raising funds for Young Epilepsy and Seizure Alarms, we funded Seizure Alarm number 13 in July and would love to fund Seizure Alarm number 14 by the end of November as November is Epilepsy Awareness month.

Toby is now 2 and his Tonic Clonic Seizures are quite controlled but he still has Focal Seizures and Clonic Seizures a lot of which are at night so we realise the importance of Seizure Alarms for peace of mind.

Toby has also been diagnosed with Allergies, Restless Legs Syndrome and has had a couple of hospital stays and reoccurring Chest Infections.

We have been unable to hold any fundraising events on a large scale this year but hopefully will be able to plan something to raise funds and awareness of Epilepsy when Tia's Treasures turns 10 in 2021.

We have continued with our Random Acts of Kindness which feature a Tia's Treasures handmade charm which are either hidden for people to find or given out to those we feel could do with having a smile put on their face, people can also request them by visiting the RAKtivists link on the Tia's Treasures website.

Alex (16), Tia (14), Adam (10) and Jamie (9) have been busy creating Kindness Cards featuring Kind words and positive quotes, Tommy (3) and Toby (2) have also been getting involved by creating Kindness Cards featuring their brightly coloured Art work.
These cards are being included with the Random Acts of Kindness or again these can be requested by visiting visiting the Raktivists link on the Tia's Treasures website.
To find out more about Tia's Treasures please visit where you will find links to our Fundraising Pages, PayPal Money Pool, Social Media and be able to read all about the Fundraising we have done in the past as well as Awards won.

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  • Latest updates from Tia's Treasures

    Nearly 8 years on and Tia is still working hard raising awareness and fundraising for Epilepsy along with her Mum, Dad and 5 Brothers Alex 15, Adam 10, Jamie 9, Tommy 3 and Toby 1.

    Tia recently made and sold over 100 purple bracelets for Purple Day and held a raffle at her Academy, Ormiston Venture with some fantastic prizes from various local companies.

    Over £200 was raised for Young Epilepsy.

    We have just funded our 9th Seizure Alarm for an 8 year old boy called DeeJay with Epilepsy, sadly DeeJay's baby brother died when he went into Epileptic Status at just a few months old.

  • Tia's Treasures Update

    So far Tia has raised over £500 for Young Epilepsy, £200 for The East of England and funded 2 Pulse Oximeters, 3 Brio Wrist Alarms, 1 Alert It Mattress Alarm, 1 Emfit Mattress Alarm, 1 Empatica Embrace Wrist Alarm and 2 Cameras to monitor those with Nocturnal Seizures.

    Toby's original diagnosis back in May 2018 was Focal Seizures and Focal Motor Seizures which generalise into Tonic Clonics, since then he has been on daily medication but still has various types of seizures, Myclonus, treated for Asthma and now undergoing investigations for food allergies or intollerances but he remains a happy mischievous toddler.

    As November was National Epilepsy Awareness Month Tia created a flyer with information regarding Epilepsy highlighting the seriousness of it and that there is no cure to be given out and displayed you may have spotted it in local shops.