TIMECRUISER by Chris Crowther
TIMECRUISER is a must-read for any nine–to-ninety-year-old voyagers prepared to cross the boundaries of time and credibility.
Ink in my Blood - My half century in newspapers by Neil Haverson  **FREE POSTAGE**
Join Neil Haverson on his 50-year ride through the Norfolk and Suffolk newspaper industry, as Neil presents the ‘greatest hits’ from his...
Molly Moo the independent cow
Molly Moo the independent cow, is a children's book for ages 3-8 written and illustrated by Norfolk artist Sandra Derry.
A Moment in Time by Peter Sargent
50 Stories that bring East Anglian history to life.
Dead in the Water
Could a despised new landowner really be the victim of a time-slip?
Murky Waters
The simple contents of a long-lost handbag lead down a trail that becomes ever murkier.
Water Under The Bridge
How do you solve a crime that had to be impossible in the first place?
The Water Frolic
A joint endeavour might just reconcile two very different communities, until . . .
Still Waters
A girl inherits a boatyard from her grandfather . . . except she’s never heard of either before in her life.


Grice Chapman Publishing

Grice Chapman Publishing
Grice Chapman Publishing is an independent Publishing House based in Norfolk. Grice Chapman Publishing titles include best-selling Norfolk books including Taking the Norfolk Air which was the 25th anniversary book by BBC Radio Norfolk, Waller's World and Softly Wakes the Dawn by Hugh...

Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson

Books by Norfolk writers

Chris Crowther Author

Chris Crowther Author
Dastardly deeds are not something you automatically associate with Norfolk, but local author Chris Crowther has gone even further and used the tranquil magic of Broadland as the setting for his series of whodunits.

The sleuth in these stories is Jack Fellows, a navigation...