Inspired Youth

Inspired Youth was founded in 2010, with the sole purpose of engaging local businesses with local students. The project has grown into a supporting network of local business owners and managers working together to mentor and provide support to young people.

In 2011, more than 1,650 students between the age of 13 and graduate age have benefited from working with these local businesses to date. Skills such as team building, communication, planning and organisation have been developed through the range of Inspired Youth projects.

Set against a backdrop of high youth unemployment across the country, the Inspired Youth project sets out to make a small contribution in raising the aspirations of young people and helping create work experience opportunities.

Impact on students

For the students who have been involved in the project, we are not under any illusion that this is a fast track to employment. Whilst the project sets out to help create opportunitiesfor them to meet employers and work closely with them either for a day, a week or for a couple of months, the road ahead will remain challenging

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